Garden Update: Plant Massacre, Sunflower Bloom, Huge Taters and Perfect Compost

I’ve been on hiatus taking care of some personal business, but here is a quick update on the progress of my garden.


First, let’s start with the massacre that took place a few weeks ago. Most of my crop was destroyed by an innocent mistake from an overzealous “caretaker”. 



One of my sunflowers finally bloomed. The rest are sure to follow.



Look at this huge bucket potato!



My compost bin is a huge success. Everything completely decomposed. 

Worms, Worms and More Worms

Thankfully it rained the other night. We got a good downpour as the storm passed through. So of course the next morning I went to my favorite worms spots in front of the house. There happened to be a bunch more worms but they immediately retreated into the holes as I pushed back the debris. This is what I came away with.