Garden Update: Plant Massacre, Sunflower Bloom, Huge Taters and Perfect Compost

I’ve been on hiatus taking care of some personal business, but here is a quick update on the progress of my garden.


First, let’s start with the massacre that took place a few weeks ago. Most of my crop was destroyed by an innocent mistake from an overzealous “caretaker”. 



One of my sunflowers finally bloomed. The rest are sure to follow.



Look at this huge bucket potato!



My compost bin is a huge success. Everything completely decomposed. 

This was unintentional. These potatoes I left outside so that they could grow sprouts. Well, they had rolled off the deck onto the ground after a very windy night. I knew what happened to them but didn’t care much. I figure nature would take care of things plus I had given up on them since the other potatoes outside had started growing sprouts.

Well about a month goes by and I’m outside cutting down a bush. I look down and guess what I see? These two just chilling. I pick them up and BEHOLD…not only are they sprouting but also have roots growing. Into the bucket, they went. #JonsGarden

Bucket Potatoes – Jon’s Garden

Looks like my potatoes are ready for the bucket! Planted two of them. I’m only looking to get 5 maybe 6 potatoes out of them.

I bought some 5-gallon buckets from Lowe’s. Drilled holes in the bottom, which is very important. The holes allow for excess water to drain out of the bucket and helps prevent overwatering. Often we believe a plant isn’t getting any water because the soil on top is dry. More often than not that is simply not true. Always check to see if the soil is moist underneath the top crust.

Not much care will go into these. You can set them and forget them.