Worms, Worms and More Worms

Thankfully it rained the other night. We got a good downpour as the storm passed through. So of course the next morning I went to my favorite worms spots in front of the house. There happened to be a bunch more worms but they immediately retreated into the holes as I pushed back the debris. This is what I came away with. 

Planted Some Corn Recently

Planted some corn recently. When the plants get bigger, I’m going to transfer them to a large plastic bin.

Silver Queen is the popular late-season variety with tenderness and flavor worth waiting for. Large ears, 8 to 9″ long, have 14-16 rows of white kernels, and plants grow to 8 ft. Proven tops for productivity, flavor, and wide adaptability, it’s ready to harvest in 92 days. Garden-fresh sweet corn is summer’s greatest pleasure. Plant corn in blocks at least four rows wide for cross-pollination and well-filled ears. A packet contains 200 seeds, enough for four 15 ft. rows. Seeds are not treated. – Burpee.com

Sweet Corn, Silver Queen Hybrid

How to Grow Corn in Your Own Backyard